Att. Cem Sinanoglu

After completing his primary education in Kuzguncuk Primary School which is situated at the place he was born and lived, he continued with his high school education in Saint Joseph French High School, and then completed his undergrad education in Istanbul Bilgi University. After completing his legal law internship, without wasting time, he completed Public Law Post-Graduate Program in Istanbul Bahcesehir University. His primary branch being Criminal Law, Att. Cem Sinanoglu established Sinanoglu Law Office in Kuzguncuk in 2014. Sharing problems of his clients coming to Sinanoglu Law Office, which is a boutique law office, and believing at heart that one should have knowledge about general law for solutions, Att. Cem Sinanoglu provides honest, effective, fast and problem- oriented service to you, the clients. Att. Cem Sinanoglu, during the process he provides consultancy to his clients, aims to introduce them to the law system and regards establishment of humane relationships with every client as the most important element in resolution of a problem.