Our office located in Kuzguncuk neighborhood of Uskudar district; which is one of the most multi-cultural neighborhoods of Istanbul as being located in Bosphorus shore and being one of the most historic neighborhoods of Istanbul was established in 2014. As we adopted the sincere and humanistic lifestyle of Kuzguncuk; unlike other law firms, we aim to change the point of view of our clients towards the legal system while providing them the counseling services that they need. As Sinanoglu Law Firm, we aim to identify basis of problems and to solve the problems in the light of academic studies after collating the existing legal system.

İn our boutique law firm, unlike other law firms, our clients are welcomed with high level of interest and their problems are dealt with empathy. We aim to avoid causing any confusion of information by finding the real solution that you need.

Sinanoglu Law Firm provides services mainly in Turkish, English and French languages but also provides legal services in German and İtalian languages. We provide complete services to our clients in the following areas; criminal law and enforcement law, commercial law, corporate law, family law, labor law, civil law, banking and finance, real estate law and urban transformation, media/press and intellectual property law, health law, international law, bankruptcy/ insolvency Law, contract law and litigation.

We adopt as target to reach the result that our clients aim to reach and we always support them to achieve the most accurate results. İn order to find always more accurate, more effective and faster solutions for their changing needs, we closely follow to developments in the sectors that our client’s continue their activities. We believe in that; if we can get more ideas about life, we can establish the best and most sincere relations with our clients. We continue to develop with the participation of each new client.

While providing services, Sinanoglu Law Firm always does researches and takes advantage of current technology in order to meet the changing needs of clients. We are committed to offer the most sincere, honest, innovative and high quality services to our clients. We invite you to see the difference by visiting us at our office in Kuzguncuk.

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