Real Estate Law and Urban Transformation

Sinanoglu Law Office; represents both property owners and construction companies in urban transformation projects as these projects include major uncertainty’s in today’s agenda. Our office provides consulting services in transformation and renovation of old, abandoned, damaged building of cities. İn the process, we aim to prevent any victimization may arise due to conflicts, human rights violations among property owners and between property owners and institutions which carry out these projects; as well as preventing the problems may arise because of legal and regulatory arrangements. We are pleased to attend the meetings together with our clients throughout the entire process.

The main services provided by Sinanoglu Law Office in urban transformation process are as follows;

  • Research and İnvestigations in Municipalities, Directorates of Land Registry and Other Required İnstitutions
  • Project Construction and Detailed Distribution of İndependent Unit’s Area and Location.
  • Preparation of Contracts of Construction Rights in Return for Flat
  • Following to Permit Processes
  • Determination of Materials to be used in Construction on an Additional Technical Specification annexed to Contract
  • Determination of Penal Clauses in Contracts for cases which include Time Extensions for Construction and Non-Completing of Construction; and –if needed – collecting the relevant Amounts and their Delivery to Property Owners.
  • Obtaining collaterals for warranties specified in Contract and – if necessary – following to cashing Procedures
  • Registration of Contracts of Construction Rights in Return for Flat at Notary and Land Registry Offices
  • Determination the Time and Realization of Title Deed Transfer Procedures to Construction Company.
  • Preparation of Management Plan together with Construction Company
  • Management Plan Registration to Land Registry Office