Criminal Law and Law Enforcement

We aim to be with our clients in every stage of investigation and prosecution within the framework of criminal law; therefore we aim to defend them property; to protect them against the risks of the legal system; and to achieve the results that they targeted as a result of strict following of the whole process. İn criminal law, we aim to intervene earlier the problems; therefore we aim to prevent the emergence of unexpected results. We visit frequently visit our arrested clients in prison and we make them feel that they are not alone. We candidly respond the questions of our clients and we work hard to overcome the heavy burden of criminal law. We evaluate all the risks of our clients and report them all the possible results that they are likely to face. As Sinanoglu Law Firm, transparency is essential for us.

Unlike many other law firms, Sinanoglu Law Office, is competent in the field of Law Enforcement. We inform our clients in advance about the execution of penalty –which is a possible result of criminal law – and we decisively aim to prevent unexpected results. We guide our clients in probation period and we want them to continue their lives without any problems.